Calypso Carnival

As participants arrive at a stall decorated with cane baskets, fishing nets, bougainvillea, hibiscus and other bright flowers, a costumed trio is playing Calypso music. Participants receive a freshly lopped coconut containing a Pina Colada cocktail on arrival.

Two lovely ladies dressed in swimming costumes are waiting at the dunking machine. One hands out small rubber balls for participants to pitch at the target to send the other splashing into the water below.

Madam Myra’s tent awaits those wishing to have their palms read - with a fun attitude and those who wish to test their sense of balance can try their skills on the mechanical surfboard.

 The haunting sound of a conch shell and drums is heard as Charlie, dressed in a lap-lap, spins his flaming torches, “swallows” flame and husks coconuts with his teeth (in less than 18 seconds!). 2 beautiful Polynesian dancers join him  for a short performance.

Bathing beauties start conga lines to a Calypso beat leading participants to the dining site. Colourfully decorated tables set under a giant multicoloured “Maypole” await and centrepieces of coconut flowers wound with bud lights and stuffed with hibiscus provide light.  Colourful food stalls of bamboo, gorgeous tropical flowers and marine paraphernalia wait to serve their tasty treats.

After dinner, 20 participants are called to the stage and a giant game of Twister is spread out.  This is the beginning of 20 minutes of pure mayhem with twisted bodies all vying for winning positions.

Lady with fruit hat1.jpg