Port Douglas Events and Hire are proud to have been a part of these events, and have enjoyed working with our clients who make the production of these unique experiences so enjoyable. From concept through to completion, Port Douglas Events and Hire take care of it all, allowing you to focus on connecting with clients or staff, friends and family. We look forward to offering innovative and cost effective solutions for all your event requirements. 

Aussie Bush Bash

Nothing captures the country spirit of Australia like a good old bush bash. This amazing night had a bit of everything, including a practical joke on all guests. As the coaches got closer to the secret location, bandits on horse back sequestered them down a over grown country road directing them to a pre dinner drinks area comprising of : a ute as a stage, a bar, a few dry bars , minimal festoon lighting and a port -a- loo. They were then welcomed by the bush poet and informed that " this is it", and to "make yourselves comfortable because we'll be here all night". Meanwhile , across the bridge over the creek, all the lights at the main event site were off as all staff and hosts waited quietly for the signal. Flame pots were lit and theatrical lighting switched on as the walkway through the rainforest  lit up  and as guests curiously followed the ultimate bush bash event space was revealed.

The event space was well laid out with a large food station, bedford  bar, spirits bar ,a bucking bull and a themed stage hosting a variety of entertainment throughout the night. A few Aussie icons took the stage including the legendary Crocodile NG , king of the Cane Toad racing , with a special boot scooting floorshow that got every one up and about. All this ,on a prefect night , under the full moon surrounded by rainforest just 10 minutes from town.

dark wood  table bentwood chairs.jpg

80's NIGHT

With the room flood lit by UV lights and the sounds of the 80's in the back ground costumed guests enjoyed the fun space we provided and a classic 80's cover band. We had a 2 hour window for set up and had to design a look that could be installed in a flash. It was tacky , it was bold and it was a lot of fun, just like the 80's.



We couldn't have asked for more from this years Taste festival, great weather for the 2 days, a record turnout and fantastic support from the community, not to mention the great food and wine. In what was an inspiring and successful collaboration, PDEH worked closely with Taste orgainsers to produce, manage and theme the entire event and ensure the smooth running from set up to pack down. Given the growing popularity of the festival, Reina Patrick ( Taste ) and her team were keen to add a few new concepts this year including a beefed up music stage, Junior foodies area and the inclusion of Nomadik Stretch tents for new bars and a 5 star dining package. Using pallets to unite the different areas over the site as well as for theming the VIP bar and stage backdrop was a cost effective way of giving the festival site a sense of continuity and identity. Considered a resounding success  by all involved, the Taste festival has firmly rooted itself on the Port Douglas calendar and looks set for big things. Great food, beer , wine and music under the tropic skies, could you ask for more?



This event saw us hiring out the amazing Tanks art centre in Cairns and transforming it into a "fright night" themed gala for 180 costumed guests. The stage became a cemetery after dark, complete with tomb stones , coffins, flaming cauldrons and a skeleton . The main area became "Draculas dinning room" with Skulls and potions for centrepieces , dead flower arrangements and gothic candelabras at the bar and upon entry. The entire venue and surrounds were decked out and looked amazing. With floor shows, a band and a room full of zombies, freaks and vampires this event was fun from begining to end.



We had a great time setting this event up at the lovely Port Douglas Yacht club.A white themed party for 110 people at one of the areas most inspiring locations. A simple back drop completed the look which could work for an awards night, 50th or even a wedding. What's better than a night out among the palms, not much. 


Sometimes less is more. This simple yet effective modern bar look was for 30 people and located in the open spaces of the Sheraton Mirage golf course. Guests arrived by boat and crossed over a red carpeted bridge to their own fully equiped bar complete with a small sound system to add to the soophistacted and modern feel.


Under a full moon and clear Port Douglas sky the Bacardi awards night was a lively mix of Caribbean themes and prestige fitting an awards event. Guests were welcomed by Haitian voodoo fire dancers  while pre dinner drinks were served and a steel pan and percussion band filled the space with sound. A fully equiped tiki hut bar provided the Mojitos and the stage was set for an involved A/V presentation accompanying the awards ceremony. Dinner was spread out over 2 custom made food stations with a full pig on a spit being the centrepiece. All table styling was done by our amazing team right down to the halved coconut and sprayed gold pineapples.  During the break guests took advantage of the incredibly popular photo booth while Dj's kept the vibe upbeat and social.  When the final award was handed out the celebrations took off with some of the guests joining the dj's for some salsa dancing.

" Your ability to accommodate and to do so with such professionalism and enthusiasm, from a different state!, really made it a pleasure to deal with you and I am so proud to have seen everything, especially Friday night, come to life. It was better than I could have imagined with everything from the entertainment, to the tables to the bar looking picture perfect. As a client, you were the dream team to coordinate our needs with." - Georgina Chao - event and sponsorship coordinator Bacardi.   Thanks for the great feedback Georgina! 



We were lucky to be given the opportunity to help celebrate QT's birthday and bring to life their 1920's themed event. They requested a few different areas to be transformed.

Entering through the lush red velvet drapes and past the "Pop Up" barber shop entry, guests then found themselves in a jazz speakeasy space that had lampions overhead, a stage with a baby grand piano and wine barrels with styling and flowers from the era. Patterns were projected on the roof to create a feeling of intimacy and bottom lit red drapes blocked out the otherwise open area.

As guests walked down the steps they passed through two beautiful art deco figures and onto the Great Gatsby themed outdoor ballroom that included a floating chandelier with a canopy of twinkling fairy lights, a checkered floor and crystal candelabras. Giant illuminated letters were provided by Fully Lit.

This event is a real highlight of the Port Social calendar with over 250 guests all dressed in their 20's finest and our feedback from those who attended and resort management was excellent and a great reward for our team.



Another unique experience, a high quality yet fun welcome dinner for 220 high achievers and their families in the middle of The Port Douglas wildlife Habitat park. Guests were treated to an impressive welcome to country ceremony by a troupe of 4 indigenous performers and seated among the exotic sounds and surrounds of tropical birds , theatrically lit gardens and a live harpist.

During pre dinner drinks guests had a chance to wander around and have photos with koalas, owls and reptiles. A wood land elf ( costumed magician ) moved through the tables to entertain the large number of children and give the mums and dads a little break. After dinner and following a few formal speeches it was time to ramp up the fun as Crocodile NG drew the crowd in with his cane toad racing spectacular and then got everyone on their feet with a classic karaoke sing off.

It was a great way to bring delegates together at the start of their program and combine great food, a chance to unwind and then some laughs to bring everyone closer.


Participants will find in their rooms a colourful beach ball bouncing on the bed or floating in the bathtub.  It’s their invitation and a small teaser to the beginning of a night brimming with balls, balls, balls – it’s time to get ready as tonight they are sure to have a ball of their own.

Participants are invited to meet for pre dinner drinks and canapés and arrive to find the area alive with aluminous large 3 metre beach balls and above ground swimming pools filled to the brim with beach balls.  As participants relish in their surroundings colourfully dressed staff serve refreshing beverages and delicious canapés and then suddenly colourful characters in lycra suits jump out of the pools performing acrobatic stunts. They jump off dive boards, develop as a school of fish and join together to form a human beach ball as participants delight in this colourful and humorous beginning to the evening.

At the conclusion of this show the acrobats encourage participants to follow them to the beach party arena, dinner is to be served! Here, colourful plastic screens of red, yellow, blue and green welcome guests and a sea of colourful beach balls float overhead. Large netted tubes filled with balls rise to the ceiling like long snakes.

White linen tablecloths and splashes of colourful overlays dress the tables and alternate coloured Lycra covers adorn the chairs. In the centre of each table a voluptuous bathing beach lady is perched under a tropical palm tree surrounded by quirky beach trinkets to keep the fun and games alive. 

Tropical palm trees surround the area, enhanced by bright lighting. Large beach ball gobo’s can be found bouncing across the room. In the centre, a sand arena keeps the night on a roll combining entertainment and the opportunity for guests to kick off their shoes and feel the sand between their toes as they dance up a sandstorm.



As Port Douglas is known for its magnificent beaches, tonight’s event is designed to capitalise on this opportunity. Guests will be met in front of their accommodation with waiters bearing trays of champagne. They will then board a vessel and transfer to tonight's secret location... 

On arrival they will find a pre dinner drink area elegantly set with scattered ottomans and dry bars, here the guests will mingle and savour the tasty hors d’oeuvres on offer.

Tables could be set under a pergola style frame built from driftwood. The tables will have a nautical look with “nautical” blue and white striped table cloths, white gladiator style chairs, glass square lanterns with candles and small square vases of flowers (locally grown orchids). From the roof structure will hang driftwood and glass holders of different shapes and sizes filled with sand, shells and a candle, creating the wow factor required to impress a VIP group.

Using only a BBQ, the Chefs will prepare a degustation Seafood Banquet that will amaze, each course complimented with accompanying wines. Background music can be provided by a solo acoustic guitarist.


Black & WhiteCSL3.JPG

A chill out lounge will be set with black and white dry bars. The area will be curtained off with black push up curtains. A single long table will have a black and white striped floor length cloth and the chairs will be covered with black and white covers. Glass style chandeliers filled with tropical orchids will hang low from the rafters creating unique style centre pieces, this will be complimented by a row of candle filled votives. In keeping with the elegance of the evening a degustation menu will be served.


As participants arrive at a stall decorated with cane baskets, fishing nets, bougainvillea, hibiscus and other bright flowers, a costumed trio is playing Calypso music. Participants receive a freshly lopped coconut containing a Pina Colada cocktail on arrival.

Two lovely ladies dressed in swimming costumes are waiting at the dunking machine. One hands out small rubber balls for participants to pitch at the target to send the other splashing into the water below.

Madam Myra’s tent awaits those wishing to have their palms read - with a fun attitude and those who wish to test their sense of balance can try their skills on the mechanical surfboard.

The haunting sound of a conch shell and drums is heard as Charlie, dressed in a lap-lap, spins his flaming torches, “swallows” flame and husks coconuts with his teeth (in less than 18 seconds!). 2 beautiful Polynesian dancers join him  for a short performance.

Bathing beauties start conga lines to a Calypso beat leading participants to the dining site. Colourfully decorated tables set under a giant multicoloured “Maypole” await and centrepieces of coconut flowers wound with bud lights and stuffed with hibiscus provide light.  Colourful food stalls of bamboo, gorgeous tropical flowers and marine paraphernalia wait to serve their tasty treats.

After dinner, 20 participants are called to the stage and a giant game of Twister is spread out.  This is the beginning of 20 minutes of pure mayhem with twisted bodies all vying for winning positions.


The harvest season is over and it’s time for the cane cutters to party……

Participants arrive in a clearing littered with Ute's and 4WD’s. They make their way along a flame-lit path to a cane cutter’s campsite. A flaming “G’day” sign welcomes guests and our bush band are playing on the verandah of a farm building. Our local raconteur, will welcome everybody, as guests sit at the calico draped tables.  Fire bins will throw flickering light around the campsite.  A magnificent BBQ dinner ensues. Cane toad racing, 2UP, animal handlers, Aboriginal Caroboree and some heel and toe polker are all part of the entertainment for tonight. A group on horseback thunder through the site carrying torches which they light from the fire bins. With a whoop and holler, they gallop away and light the cane. As the flames begin to die, a logo burns. Fireworks then light the night sky signalling the end of the Canecutters’ Ball.


Roll Up Folks, Roll up!!!  Enter the “Casino Royale”, as guests arrive they soon realise they are about to participate in authentic Casino experience.  Our fun filled night begins with guests enjoying the thrill of playing in the big league.  The room has the true ‘casino’ feel, as you wander through the tables to place your bets. 

With customised “Australia Post” fun money, in exchange for real casino chips guests will play Blackjack & Roulette in tournament style, over the next couple of hours.  Scores are displayed on the multimedia scoreboard, to keep the excitement levels high.  This will be an unforgettable experience that will keep your teams buzzing for months!


Participants in their formal attire will board their luxury coaches and transfer to “a secluded area” just 15 minutes from the heart of Port Douglas; a large expanse of lawn area surrounded by huge trees.

As the coaches approach the venue located at the end of a long bush track pyrotechnic fire fountains will go off intermittently as the coaches drive through. The area will be in total darkness as participants arrive and then dramatically illuminated on cue.  A huge circus tent with jugglers, fire-eaters and clowns, “Carmen Miranda” costumed singers and entertainers will be waiting to greet participants.  A revolving ladder and balancing show kicks off the night, and on completion of their show, fireworks will light up the sky, symbolising to let the circus come alive.

On entering the marquee a central ring, as with all circuses, will be where the entertainment features.  Moving “intelligent” lights create the fun atmosphere and so as to walk into “the room of STARS”. The tables will be set elegantly in red and white overlays, chairs will be covered in mechanical stretch red and white covers with alternating chair ties. Surrounding the tables will be panels draped in red and gold material, thus giving a boxed effect. Miniature Clowns will form Jack in the Box centrepieces. Trapeze artists, acrobats and stilt walkers will entertain participants this evening.

A 3-course meal will be served by our colourful wait-staff and a fantastic band will have participants on the feet and dancing at the completion of the circus floorshow.


A pretty hand painted bottle containing a scroll will invite participants to tonight’s dinner.  The edge of the Coral Sea under the twinkling night sky is the setting for tonight’s tropical extravaganza.  As guests are welcomed by saronged wait staff offering pina colada's in freshly lopped green coconuts, a group of Thursday Islanders emerges from the beach to entertain with traditional song and dance.  The perfect meal for this setting is a seafood banquet accompanied by fine Australian wines.  Coconuts, palm fronds, bright tropical flowers and flares decorate the site.  A highlight of this evening is the performance by the fire-eater and his Cook Island drummers and dancers.


Riding on Harley.jpg

Guests find in their rooms today’s copy of the New York Times rolled up on their bed. The front page will be an invitation to the Hot August Night, mentioning dress code, the time and location to meet (The Grand Terrace).

Arriving at the Grand Terrace, guests are greeted by formally dressed waitstaff serving pre-dinner drinks and canapés. As guests wander around, they can savour the sights and sounds of the various buskers located around the outer edges of the terrace. The performers will range from a mime magician, through guitarists to a fire eater/dancer, all of them looking for some spare change from the guests.

To signify the end of pre-dinners, an elaborate fireworks display erupts from the darkness. The show lasts 5 minutes and is set off to music from the Hot August Night theme. An amazing show that will have everyone in the mood for a great evening in ‘Central Park’. NY City police will bustle participants towards the Park entrance whilst blowing their whistles and shouting “Move ON!!”, “There is nothing to see here!” etc.

Participants pass under a lattice archway covered in masses of flowers and enter the ballroom where they will be guided to their tables by the NY police over freshly laid turf. Camouflage netting will cover the walls and the ceiling glitters with hundreds of fairy lights creating a wonderful starlight canopy. Street lamps, trees and flowerbeds will be placed behind a picket fence around the perimeter of the entire room. Tables will be set elegantly, with mini “rose garden” centrepieces.

A specially designed backdrop of a New York City skyline will feature behind the stage, which itself is fenced off and decorated rotunda style.


Along with a sash for the ladies and a fez for the gents, a bus ticket will be left in participant’s rooms inviting them to this evening’s dinner and requesting participants to meet in the hotel foyer.

Rickety coaches, with all tunes Moroccan pull into the hotel. Turban clad coach drivers greet participants and collect tickets. As participants step on board they find they are sharing this coach with bedouins and hagglers. With all on board the coach departs on a magical mystery “ Carpet Ride”

A short drive has the coach pull off the road and come to a grinding halt. Here hagglers are seen ushering guests from the buses where they are met with roaming Bedouin musicians and the famous ships of the dessert (street theatre Camels). Wait staff dressed in gold and brightly coloured pantaloons, waistcoats, turbans and fez offer participants delicious canapés and beverages.

The bedouins and hagglers sneak from the surrounding area to mingle with participants and entertain them with magic and sleight of hand. At the conclusion of pre-dinner drinks a loud “gong” is heard.. The hagglers and musicians burst into loud chatter and beckon the guests to follow.

At the end of the journey, 2 beautiful bare chested punkah wallahs open the doors to a room of flickering candles. The room then bursts into life with lighting, musicians, and more wait staff!

Through a draped archway, participants enter the stunning and decadent world of the Kasbah, lit up with golds and reds. The band launches into “Rock the Kasbah” and the night begins!

Long tables are set and decorated with flowing fabric, jewels, flowers, candles, bowls of fruit and glass lamps.  Comfortable cushions are placed on each chair and the bare chested punkah wallahs fan participants as they take their seats.

Hot from the Ovens, arrives a superb Middle-Eastern banquet on platters of warm breads, traditional dips and antipasto, beasts on spits, fresh vegetables, salads and delicious pastries and fruits.

Tonight is a true oasis experience, full of entertainment, great food, music, movement and noise.

Fortune Tellers  roam the room and invite those who dare to seek out their next  fortune.

The sound of Drums are heard, and this signals the arrival of the stunning Moroccan dancers, with a 15 minute performance, these ladies sashay their way through the orient with costumes, colours and swords. The audience will not escape as they are invited up to “ Rock Their Kasbah”

At the end of the feast, the band “Yassar and the Arafat’s” launch straight into “Rock the Kasbah” or similar and provide the dancing music for the remainder of the evening. Dancers in Jeannie Costumes appear to encourage participants up onto the floor.


Invitations inside small gold treasure chests are left in participants rooms inviting them to meet in the hotel foyer for a transfer to tonight’s mystery dinner.

The coaches arrive in total darkness, and the only light seen, is flickering from jungle torches.

Participants are met by “Indiana Jones” who will be their host tonight. To give them strength in their search, participants find a clearing where jungle juice cocktails are served.  A golden goblet overflowing with jewels is a sign the party is on the right track.

The night sky is suddenly awash with light as fireworks explode in the most dramatic display of colour, leaving participants in awe, and the company logo burning in the night. The culmination of the fireworks sees the Jungle Dwellers spring from the surrounding forest, to capture everyone, and proceed to set fire to two trenches to signal that it is time to move on.  The flames reveal a cave entrance and participants are encouraged to enter. Once on the other side they find a clearing scattered with old ruins, rainforest flora and vines.

Here the costumed inhabitants of the Lost City light flares and candles whilst electric light illuminates the surrounding forest.  Indiana is bundled into a bamboo cage at the side of the stage among the fallen ruins and participants are encouraged to take a seat. The tables and chairs are covered in black and gold with large vine-draped Bamboo and candle centrepieces.

 Lost City inhabitants provide background music during dinner.  After entrée,  the Lost City Flame spirits emerge to perform 15 minute mesmerising  flame show before disappearing into the  ruins.

After main course a commotion on stage reveals the Goddess of the Lost City.  Like a Phoenix, this golden beauty rises to the stage.  She welcomes everyone to the Lost City and signals the beginning of tonight’s celebratory party.  The night is set on fire as one and all are encouraged to join the band and dance the night away.  As the night draws to a close Indiana finally escapes his prison and encourages the participants to flee with him to the waiting coaches.


Guests will find in their room a gold key with a request to tonight dinner.

Stepping through the looking glass or falling down a rabbit hole is not the only way to get to wonderland. Follow  the White Rabbit as he leads the way to the to the Mad Hatter’s secret garden.

Arriving at the site, the group will be met by the M.A.D. Hatter himself.

Colourfully dressed waitstaff will offer predinner drinks and canapes before a fireworks display erupts into the night sky. The fireworks are amazing, combining the old favourites, with the latest releases from the world of pyrotechnics. The 5-minute show is guaranteed to have everyone in high spirits and ready for the marvels of the night ahead.  Once the display is over this is the signal for all  to head over the bridge and down the garden path!

What awaits, is their own private dining room, in a stunning rainforest pocket.

Guests will find one long table elaborately dressed, with huge colourful hat centrepieces, complete with twinkling bud lights and enormous colourful flowers erupting from the top. Large teapots, vibrantly painted and decorated, and huge grasshoppers and bugs are all on show. Each guest receives an outlandish hat and are, seated on chairs with exceptionally tall backs, in weird and wonderful colours

Dinner tonight is made from only the freshest and finest of local produce. Quality wines will be poured throughout the evening, complimenting the cuisine. The M.A.D. hatter will join guests for dinner this evening, as it is afterall, his party!

While the White Rabbit moves around the table performing magic tricks and humour, as the duo entertains everyone with subtle music. Addressing the musical tastes of the guests, and incorporating interactive participation, they will strum both old and new favourites, entertaining one and all. Suddenly, the MAD Hatter gets to his feet, and encourages all to dance the evening away and enjoy the frivolity of the night. Finally, guests make their way back to the hotel, reminiscing already on their night of fantasy.


Guests find a bottle floating in their bathroom sink containing a parchment map and a “request” from the Pirate Black Dog Morgan to join him for dinner. Following the instructions on the map, guests will find themselves at reception where they board waiting coaches.

As the coaches travel to the pirate lair, our guides hand out pirate accessories (eye patches, hats, bandanas, swords, etc.).

A flame lit path leads to the pirate lair where “wenches” serve coconut cocktails. All of a sudden the long boat of Black Dog Morgan and his band of scurvy pirates singing “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum” appears,  they crudely round up guests and move them to dinner. Props such as barrels, treasure chests, buoys, ropes, old sails, palm fronds, tropical flowers and marine paraphernalia create the full effect. Pirates fight amongst themselves and various characters roam the crowd singing sea shanties, juggling, picking pockets, performing magic tricks, etc.

Stalls offering spit roasted meats, vegetables, accompaniments and desserts are staffed by wenches and slaves. Trestle tables are set and decorated with hurricane lanterns, overflowing treasure chests, sand and shells. During the evening the band will provide entertainment.

A Dance Troupe emerges from surrounding trees and makes their way through the audience to the beat of the drum. A spectacular dance display followed by fire eating provides the highlight of the night.


Participants depart by luxury coach to a gorgeous location just 5 minutes away.

They arrive in total darkness except for a short flame lit path and are greeted by a beautiful rainforest fairy.  The fairy will lead them along the candle lit path to a magical clearing lit with golden light from hundreds of candles.  A costumed flautist plays sitting on a log under the trees.

The clearing is ablaze with tall wrought iron candelabras and elegantly decorated tables are set under the rainforest canopy, highlighted by thousands of fairy lights dripping from the trees that serve to enhance the twinkling stars above.  

Tables are set with black cloths and the centrepieces are elaborately candelabra. Tables are also sprinkled with rose petals and glitter.  Chairs are covered with black chair covers and tied with silver bows. 

A delicious BBQ Buffet will be served for this evenings dinner, complimented by fine wines.


wdie shot good.jpg

Participants will find in their rooms their very own Abba CD with an invitation to a Disco Revival night and a request for them to dress in their best 70’s gear! 

After following instructions on their invitations, participants will arrive to find draped fabric blowing in the wind with a Heli pad and a replica helicopter cockpit before them. Staff dressed in white jumpsuits as Freida, Anna, Bjorn & Benny will be offering beverages and canapés and will also offer participants a perfect photo opportunity, just like the album cover.

After pre dinner drinks participants enter the Pavilion through glass beaded curtains and find the ceiling is a sea of floating mirror balls suspended at varying levels over the tables. The tables are dressed with white linen cloths, spiral pattern overlays and lava lights as the centerpieces. With the chairs dressed in white Lycra covers and coordinating ties, psychedelic lighting projecting all around and the tunes of “Mamma Mia” filling the room participants will relish in the ultimate 70’s/80’s flashback!!  

Once guests are seated and entrée's are served the “Queen of the Desert” minibus, complete with floating banners and a Drag Queen Trio on top enters the Pavilion and commences a fabulous Abba revival song.

Following main course, it’s time to get participants up on the floor and grooving with the Abbasolutely Fabbaulous band or Abba and Beyond Band as the emphasis for this evening is funky and fun. To ensure more participation from delegates a karaoke machine will work well with the band. There is no better way to step back in time than to laugh, groove and be hip!


All delegates are invited to the Survivor Tribal Council Dinner. In their rooms guests will be supplied with a Bandanna and Face paint, along with their invite.  

After meeting at a central point on the beach the group will then make their way along the flame lit path, where a huge “Welcome” sign will be flaming and simultaneously a fabulous display of fireworks will be going off. They will then make their way through a tunnel (man made) and along a bridge before arriving at a Tribal Council area. Groups of tables will surround each flame lit totem pole - don't let the flame go out - Tribal Council has spoken and you will go without dinner.

The dinner will be themed as a castaway tribal ground with flares, large masks, rocks and Survivor signage. A sumptuous Seafood or Australian meal will be served and tables set with banana leaves, thatched matting, sand, sea shells and coconut candles. A firey welcome awaits the guests, as the island's resident tribe preform their fire eating dance routine.

During the evening selected team members will perform some physical challenges (hula hoop, cane toad kissing, twister etc) before each dinner course, the winner affording his/her team the luxury of being served their meal first. Also during the course of the evening the facilitator will conduct a trivia quiz with each team competing for the overall prize.  When the time comes for announcing the winners the warriors will slowly, circulate putting the relevant flames out until the last totem left alight heralds the winning team.


A private venue or ballroom transforms into the Great Barrier Reef.  Coral panels complete with an abundance of sea life are fixed to the walls and decorate the stage.  Hanging from the ceiling are silhouettes of sea creatures circling the hull of a small fishing boat.  Aqua and crystal organza cover tables and chairs while fish bowls atop tall coral pillars sit in the centre of each table.  Visits by King Neptune, Clown Fish and other sea-dwelling characters are highlights throughout the evening while the band of buccaneers play dinner and dance music.