Fright Night

Guests are greeted by a “Riff Raff” and escorted through the mist and fog to their dinner. Gates are locked behind them with great drama.  Bestial howls and screams are heard in the distance. Guests are ushered to their tables and are told to be silent.

Evil laughter is heard and a low hum surrounds them. “Alice Cooper” emerges through the fog on the stage singing “Welcome to my Nightmare” while staff shuffle from the darkness and begins to light candles and serve drinks.  Men, chained high upon the central poles begin to moan in delirium, demons from hell, dressed as Chef’s, whip the zombie staff into action.

Heads on platters on each table come to life. A Fortune Teller/Seer shuffles through the tables and takes her seat amongst the headstones in a graveyard and tells the future to all comers. The cage of desire descends from the ceiling and Frank N’ Furter sings sweet transvestite to the crowd. The Adams Family arrives moving amongst tables with music, song and comedy.  A troupe of murdered Circus performers also entertain with Juggling, Mime, Balancing and magic. Beetle Juice “flies” over guests and performs cabaret numbers with the band. The time warp begins and all guests are encouraged to join in.


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