Hot August Night

Guests find in their rooms today’s copy of the New York Times rolled up on their bed. The front page will be an invitation to the Hot August Night, mentioning dress code, the time and location to meet (The Grand Terrace).

Arriving at the Grand Terrace, guests are greeted by formally dressed waitstaff serving pre-dinner drinks and canapés. As guests wander around, they can savour the sights and sounds of the various buskers located around the outer edges of the terrace. The performers will range from a mime magician, through guitarists to a fire eater/dancer, all of them looking for some spare change from the guests.

To signify the end of pre-dinners, an elaborate fireworks display erupts from the darkness. The show lasts 5 minutes and is set off to music from the Hot August Night theme. An amazing show that will have everyone in the mood for a great evening in ‘Central Park’. NY City police will bustle participants towards the Park entrance whilst blowing their whistles and shouting “Move ON!!”, “There is nothing to see here!” etc.

Participants pass under a lattice archway covered in masses of flowers and enter the ballroom where they will be guided to their tables by the NY police over freshly laid turf. Camouflage netting will cover the walls and the ceiling glitters with hundreds of fairy lights creating a wonderful starlight canopy. Street lamps, trees and flowerbeds will be placed behind a picket fence around the perimeter of the entire room. Tables will be set elegantly, with mini “rose garden” centrepieces.

A specially designed backdrop of a New York City skyline will feature behind the stage, which itself is fenced off and decorated rotunda style.