Moulin Rouge

Upon arrival at the Theatre, guests are greeted by red carpet and paparazzi photographers vying for position to catch the best angle of the VIP’s. 

Apeitifs of “Absinthe” or “Cosmopolitan” or “Japanese Slipper” are offered to guests as they arrive outside “Moulin Rouge”. The entrance is a hive of activity with buskers, carnival entertainers.

An explosion of smoke and fire works will herald the opening of the theatre and the Ringmaster/MC and performers will invite guests inside where they be greeted by an array of fun theatrical settings.  Tables are set with red velvet and gold tasselled overlays, small cabaret tea light lanterns and aged rice paper menus.  A large windmill with moving blades and outlined with fairy lights captures the essence of Moulin Rouge.  As guests are seated a welcome high-energy cancan performance will set the scene for a night of exciting entertainment and a montage of music.

After Entrée is cleared the “Ring Master” will make an announcement and introduce James who will announce the the awards winners (25 awards).  Each winner will be spot lit as they make their way on to the stage to receive their prize.

After main course, the lights will be dimmed and a spotlight will go to the ciling where on a trapeze will be a singer, parading as the character "Satine". The trapeze will be lowered to the stage where “Satine” and the other Moulin Rouge dancers, will perform several songs and dance routines from Moulin Rouge. (Max 15 mintues)

After A French inspired 3-course meal will satisfy the tastebuds of all participants and will be accompanied by good Australian wine.

Guests would be encouraged to dress formally or in a black & white theme to add to the overall picture.  As gifts to be worn on the evening, ladies could be given “over the top” costume jewellery, while men receive a top hat.