Beach Ball Party

Participants will find in their rooms a colourful beach ball bouncing on the bed or floating in the bathtub.  It’s their invitation and a small teaser to the beginning of a night brimming with balls, balls, balls – it’s time to get ready as tonight they are sure to have a ball of their own.

Participants are invited to meet for pre dinner drinks and canapes and arrive to find the area alive with aluminous large 3 metre beach balls and above ground swimming pools filled to the brim with beach balls.  As participants relish in their surroundings colourfully dressed staff serve refreshing beverages and delicious canapes and then suddenly colourful characters in lycra suits jump out of the pools performing acrobatic stunts. They jump off dive boards, develop as a school of fish and join together to form a human beach ball as participants delight in this colourful and humorous beginning to the evening.

At the conclusion of this show the acrobats encourage participants to follow them to the beach party arena, dinner is to be served! Here, colourful plastic screens of red, yellow, blue and green welcome guests and a sea of colourful beach balls float overhead. Large netted tubes filled with balls rise to the ceiling like long snakes.

White linen tablecloths and splashes of colourful overlays dress the tables and alternate coloured Lycra covers adorn the chairs. In the centre of each table a voluptuous bathing beach lady is perched under a tropical palm tree surrounded by quirky beach trinkets to keep the fun and games alive. 

Tropical palm trees surround the area, enhanced by bright lighting. Large beach ball gobo’s can be found  bouncing across the room. In the centre, a sand arena keeps the night on a roll combining entertainment and the opportunity for guests to kick off their shoes and feel the sand between their toes as they dance up a sandstorm.