Pirates in Paradise

Guests find a bottle floating in their bathroom sink containing a parchment map and a “request” from the Pirate Black Dog Morgan to join him for dinner. Following the instructions on the map, guests will find themselves at reception where they board waiting coaches.

As the coaches travel to the pirate lair, our guides hand out pirate accessories (eye patches, hats, bandanas, swords, etc.).

A flame lit path leads to the pirate lair where “wenches” serve coconut cocktails. All of a sudden the long boat of Black Dog Morgan and his band of scurvy pirates singing “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum” appears,  they crudely round up guests and move them to dinner. Props such as barrels, treasure chests, buoys, ropes, old sails, palm fronds, tropical flowers and marine paraphernalia create the full effect. Pirates fight amongst themselves and various characters roam the crowd singing sea shanties, juggling, picking pockets, performing magic tricks, etc.

Stalls offering spit roasted meats, vegetables, accompaniments and desserts are staffed by wenches and slaves .Trestle tables are set and decorated with hurricane lanterns, overflowing treasure chests, sand and shells. During the evening the band will provide entertainment.

A Dance Troupe emerges from surrounding trees and makes their way through the audience to the beat of the drum. A spectacular dance display followed by fire eating provides the highlight of the night.