Rock The Kasbah

Along with a sash for the ladies and a fez for the gents, a bus ticket will be left in participant’s rooms inviting them to this evening’s dinner and requesting participants to meet in the hotel foyer.

 Rickety coaches, with all tunes Moroccan pull into the hotel. Turban clad coach drivers greet participants and collect tickets. As participants step on board they find they are sharing this coach with bedouins and hagglers. With all on board the coach departs on a magical mystery “ Carpet Ride”

 A short drive has the coach pull off the road and come to a grinding halt. Here hagglers are seen ushering guests from the buses where they are met with roaming Bedouin musicians and the famous ships of the dessert (street theatre Camels). Wait staff dressed in gold and brightly coloured pantaloons, waistcoats, turbans and fez offer participants delicious canapés and beverages.

The bedouins and hagglers sneak from the surrounding area to mingle with participants and entertain them with magic and sleight of hand. At the conclusion of pre-dinner drinks a loud “gong” is heard.. The hagglers and musicians burst into loud chatter and beckon the guests to follow.

At the end of the journey, 2 beautiful bare chested punkah wallahs open the doors to a room of flickering candles. The room then bursts into life with lighting, musicians, and more wait staff!

Through a draped archway, participants enter the stunning and decadent world of the Kasbah, lit up with golds and reds. The band launches into “Rock the Kasbah” and the night begins!

Long tables are set and decorated with flowing fabric, jewels, flowers, candles, bowls of fruit and glass lamps.  Comfortable cushions are placed on each chair and the bare chested punkah wallahs fan participants as they take their seats.

Hot from the Ovens, arrives a superb Middle-Eastern banquet on platters of warm breads, traditional dips and antipasto, beasts on spits, fresh vegetables, salads and delicious pastries and fruits.

Tonight is a true oasis experience, full of entertainment, great food, music, movement and noise.

Fortune Tellers  roam the room and invite those who dare to seek out their next  fortune.

The sound of Drums are heard, and this signals the arrival of the stunning Moroccan dancers, with a 15 minute performance, these ladies sashay their way through the orient with costumes, colours and swords. The audience will not escape as they are invited up to “ Rock Their Kasbah”

At the end of the feast, the band “Yassar and the Arafat’s” launch straight into “Rock the Kasbah” or similar and provide the dancing music for the remainder of the evening. Dancers in Jeannie Costumes appear to encourage participants up onto the floor.