Tribal Council Dinner

All delegates are invited to the Survivor Tribal Council Dinner.  In their rooms guests will be supplied with a Bandanna and Face paint, along with their invite.  

After meeting at a central point on the beach the group will then make their way along the flame lit path, where a huge “Welcome” sign will be flaming and simultaneously a fabulous display of fireworks will be going off. They will then make their way through a tunnel (man made) and along a bridge before arriving at a Tribal Council area. Groups of tables will surround each flame lit totem pole - don't let the flame go out - Tribal Council has spoken and you will go without dinner.

The dinner will be themed as a castaway tribal ground with flares, large masks, rocks and Survivor signage. A sumptuous Seafood or Australiana meal will be served and tables set with banana leaves, thatched matting, sand, sea shells and coconut candles. A firey welcome awaits the guests, as the island's resident tribe preform their fire eating dance routine.

During the evening selected team members will perform some physical challenges (hula hoop, cane toad kissing, twister etc) before each dinner course, the winner affording his/her team the luxury of being served their meal first. Also during the course of the evening the facilitator will conduct a trivia quiz with each team competing for the overall prize.  When the time comes for announcing the winners the warriors will slowly, circulate putting the relevant flames out until the last totem left alight heralds the winning team.